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A Question For God

This is not so much a question for God, but more of a question for those who are having a hard time believing in God and believing the the holy scriptures is truly His written word.  So if you are struggling with faith or belief in God, here’s the question I have for you:

What […]

A few Strategies for the Interpretation of the Holy Bible

When we read the Holy Bible, we need to do so with a couple of guidelines in mind, that will help us to understand and enjoy it, and also to interpret it fairly and honestly. […]

Bible Cover – An Important Thing That Will Help You Shield The Words Of God

When I was in college, I heard my professor asking his students: “What is considered as the book of books?” Well, that question was actually a chicken for me because I grew up with bibles and God-fearing family back home. I would always hear my mom and my sister speak of the book of books which is actually the bible. […]

Libya and the European Union – Bible Prophecy Unfolding

This video shows how the crisis in Lybia is related to Bible prophecy.

A Bible Timeline And Preaching The Word Of God

A very active retired pastor of 40 years gave me quite a caning with this Scripture 1 Tim 1.4 “nor to be taken up with with myths and never ending genealogies.. “. After I had been preaching about the death burial and resurrection of Jesus had simply made some interesting observations. […]

Science Meets Theology In David And Goliath

The story of David and Goliath found in the Bible is probably one of the most well-known and often-told stories from the Old Testament. It carries with it a wonderful lesson – that no problem is too big in the eyes of God. If we see everything in the same perspective as God, huge problems and situations that seem impossible can be seen more clearly. We can deal with them more effectively, especially with God on our side. […]

The Significance And History Of Wisdom

The idea of wisdom is generally based on the understanding of the why and how. Beliefs about it vary between different people and different cultures. Most of it comes from watching and learning from others as well as ones own life experiences. In order to make appropriate choices, one must look at perceptions and knowledge about people, things, and life itself. […]

Did Christ Jesus Die for the Sins of Everyone?

Even though we know “by their fruits” that some people will not make it to heaven, and based on what scripture says, I think we still have to say that yes, Christ Jesus did die for the sins of everyone.  We know from Scripture that John the Baptist pointed out Christ Jesus and […]

Should Christians Vote?

Some believe that politics is a dirty business and those who believe in Christ Jesus should not vote and stay out of it.  Others believe that Christians should get registered to vote and be involved.  Which is the best way to go?  The question is, “If Christians stay out of politics, who will […]

Is the Bible Really the Word of God?

One of the things I hear most about the Bible is that it is a book that is written by men, not by God.  This is one of the reasons this writer uses the word “Scriptures” instead of “Bible” in most of my writings.  The word “Bible” simply means “book” and that seems […]