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Fun Learning With Free Children’s Church Lessons And Activities

Think about it, what will you know of if in your earlier years you don’t have any memory of learning about things, right? Basically, you learn about things almost every day, and they all pile up to form into a body of knowledge that you get to keep in your mind. Such is useful that you will create opinions and concepts out of it, making you less of an ignorant in a chosen field. You survive with what you know, and what you do not know you can always figure out. Thus, it is important for children to know as much in the best way, because when they mature, they can know better and arm themselves. With regards to discussions on faith and religion, they can be sensitive topics to cover, thus it is best that children do remain ignorant about them as well. Free children’s church lessons and activities will surely guide them into being well informed citizens about God. […]

Faithful Kids Because Of Free Children’s Church Lessons

It is an important thing to see your kids becoming faithful and happy. A person could not really tell that this is just unimportant or it is just a matter of choice. Usually, old people could say that they really played a huge role in molding their kids into a good citizen. There could be times that faith of our youngsters is in an unclear situation; the older ones are the ones who can relate most to this matter. Though the practice of having a strong faith starts at home, but still in has to be nurtured in school as well. It is suggested to let your kids partake in any religious institution or avail free children’s church lessons. […]

A Praying Power Journal

Most Christians realize the power of prayer, although many Christians state they should pray more. Praying power is an amazing power and just getting into the habit of regular prayer is a power unto itself. By keeping a prayer journal, you may be encouraged to pray more and to pray often for certain people or for certain goals. […]

The Signs are Clear . . . Judgement is Coming

It’s no surprise to many people that the world has become so corrupt that the Lord will soon have to judge the the evil that has taken over this world. The signs are as clear as the nose on your face.

One of the signs that precedes the fall of a nation is […]

Did Christ Jesus Die for the Sins of Everyone?

Even though we know “by their fruits” that some people will not make it to heaven, and based on what scripture says, I think we still have to say that yes, Christ Jesus did die for the sins of everyone.  We know from Scripture that John the Baptist pointed out Christ Jesus and […]

Should Christians Vote?

Some believe that politics is a dirty business and those who believe in Christ Jesus should not vote and stay out of it.  Others believe that Christians should get registered to vote and be involved.  Which is the best way to go?  The question is, “If Christians stay out of politics, who will […]

Can the 10 Commandments Save Us?

The more I talk to people, the more they give me the impression that they are trying to get to heaven by obeying the 10 commandments.  Some of these are even Bible teachers. But can obeying the 10 commandments really save us?  A better question would be “has anyone ever obeyed all of the […]

We Have a Great Defense Attorney in Heaven

I’m sure some of us are old enough to remember the TV series “Perry Mason”.  Our younger readers probably remember “Matlock”.  Remember how these TV attorneys took such special interest in their cases.  They were truly devoted to their clients and they never hardly lost a case.  These TV lawyers operated under a “blind […]

Did God Cause Haiti Earthquake?

Recently on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson made the comment that implied that the reason a devastating earthquake struck Haiti is because the Haitian people swore a pact with Satan in return for them getting out from under French rule.  This statement has led many to believe that because of that pact with Satan, […]

Christianity Controversy Continues

I’m sure you’ve noticed that these days anyone can mention the name of any religion or the name of any religious leader and its okay; except Christianity or the name of Christ Jesus.  It seems as though society becomes unglued when those names or mentioned.  Andrea Lafferty, writing in the Right Side News blog […]