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Prison Literature And The Inmates Who Read It

There has been much said about prison literature over the years. There are also many people who are both proponents and opponents to it. It can sometimes be surprising to others that no matter what a person has done or who they are that another person would be objected to them reading or trying to better themselves. […]

So You Ask, How Can I Find God In My Situation And Learn From Him What He Would Like Me To Do?

What does God want me to accomplish? How Can I Find God’s Will For Me? Exactly what would he have me to become? Exactly what has he planned for me? The more time passes, the more I understand that God has a moment by moment, day by day intention for me. The bible says that “Mans goings are of the Lord. How can a man then understand his own way?”. […]

The History and Meaning of the Christian Cross

Being crucified, or put up to die on perpendicular wooden planks, was the harshest sentence in Roman days. This form of death was very painful, and the process went on for a very long time. […]

Intriguing Facts About the Amish

Do you have a special interest in the practices of the Amish? Do you want to know more about their unique way of life? Then you will enjoy reading these little known facts! They are sure to help you develop your knowledge and satisfy your curiosity on the culture of the Amish people. Keep an open mind, and embrace their differences! […]

A Farm-Home for Family Prayer

Our family with four little ones gathered to pray in the evenings. In cold weather, we burned logs in the brick fireplace. The kids gathered to sit around the living room on the furniture or down on the rug with their Bibles. We’d open by singing beautiful spiritual songs together. Each child then picked their own scripture and read it to the others. […]

Bible Comic Books: A Reminder

One of the easiest ways to retrain everything that you have learned is trough reading. When you read and read you will be able to understand the things that you ought to understand. What you can do during your break is read and learns something out of what you are reading. Learning don’t juts end right after you graduate and it didn’t begin right then when you first step into school. You learn since the day you were born and it will only stop till you had your last breath. If you have nothing to do in your break time all you have to do is read and if there is one thing that you use to read that would be bible comic books. […]

Important Elements of Good Discipleship Model

Every church have different programs for discipleship process. Though everything are based on the Bible, yet the success of the discipleship program still lies in its implementation. […]

A Bible Timeline And Preaching The Word Of God

A very active retired pastor of 40 years gave me quite a caning with this Scripture 1 Tim 1.4 “nor to be taken up with with myths and never ending genealogies.. “. After I had been preaching about the death burial and resurrection of Jesus had simply made some interesting observations. […]

Christian Persecution – Persecuting Christians as Old as Time

When Christianity is introduced to us by the prophets and the disciples and has gain popularity to all that they have heard the word of God. Words of God have stick to the minds of the people and they have also witness all the miracles Jesus has done to all the crippled, lame and blind individuals. […]

How Bible Study Can Help You

Have you ever wondered why there are so many Christian denominations yet there is only one God? Why so many different churches? And yet they all say they have the only way. The truth of the matter is, there is only one true church. That invisible body of true believers make up the one true church. Another very good reason why we should conduct our own bible study instead of believing the doctrine of men. So, they all say they have the only way. What is the only way that the Bible states? […]