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Resurrection Easter Sunday Dance Video

As we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we came across this video that shows how one church is celebrating this Easter season. We hope you enjoy it. And let’s remember we should be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ every single day.


Crisis in Egypt – Bible Prophecy Unfolding

Protest in Egypt

No doubt you have heard about the protests in Egypt which eventually led to the Egyptian President stepping down.  What many people don’t realize is that this is falling right in line with Bible prophecy.

The people in Egypt are protesting for democracy and a better life the same way […]

Tough Christian Comedy

Christian comedian, Keith Deltano, performs challenging and serious comedy. Keith uses comedy to promote Christian apologetics, and sexual abstinence, fight racism and prejudice and simplify Christmas. These are tough and sometimes controversial topics that few would associate with the squeaky clean Christian comedy movement. […]

The Signs are Clear . . . Judgement is Coming

It’s no surprise to many people that the world has become so corrupt that the Lord will soon have to judge the the evil that has taken over this world. The signs are as clear as the nose on your face.

One of the signs that precedes the fall of a nation is […]

Did God Cause Haiti Earthquake?

Recently on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson made the comment that implied that the reason a devastating earthquake struck Haiti is because the Haitian people swore a pact with Satan in return for them getting out from under French rule.  This statement has led many to believe that because of that pact with […]

Christianity Controversy Continues

I’m sure you’ve noticed that these days anyone can mention the name of any religion or the name of any religious leader and its okay; except Christianity or the name of Christ Jesus.  It seems as though society becomes unglued when those names or mentioned.  Andrea Lafferty, writing in the Right Side News […]