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Christmas – A Birthday Nightmare

You’re probably asking yourself, “how can Christmas be a birthday nightmare?”  Well, suppose you are having a birthday party and you invited all of your family and friends.  You are very excited and on the day of the party all of the people you invited showed up carrying many beautifully wrapped presents.

At some point you are waiting for everyone to sing the happy birthday song.  But no one sings.  In fact, everyone is ignoring you altogether.  No one is even mentioning your name.  You start to feel bad but you keep telling yourself that everyone will soon acknowledge you and wish you a happy birthday.

The guests that you invited start to handle all the beautiful gifts.  You get excited and you think “this is it; now they are going to give me my gifts”!  But to your amazement, they start exchanging gifts among themselves.  Everyone is talking and laughing and opening their gifts.  They are acting as though you don’t even exist.  How would you feel if this happened to you.  This would truly be a birthday nightmare.

Does this scenario sound familiar?  This is exactly what goes on when most people celebrate Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ.  No one knows for sure what day Jesus was born.  December 25th is the day that was chosen to celebrate the birth of Jesus our savior.

When Jesus was born, did the Magi exchange gifts amongst themselves or did they give gifts to the one who was born King of the Jews?  They gave gold, frankincense and myrrh.  These three gifts were prophetic because they spoke of the three offices of Jesus, King, Priest and Savior.

Gold is a precious metal that is fit for royalty, a king.  Frankincense or incense as we know it, is a fragrant resin that was burned by the ancients and even some religions today.  It was thought that the incense helps prayers get to heaven.  This use of frankincense denotes the role of Jesus as our Great High Priest.

Myrrh is another fragrant resin which is most noted for it’s use as an embalming ingredient.  This signifies that Jesus was born to die for the sins of the world.

Do you remember the part of the birthday nightmare where everyone ignored you and would not even mention your name.  Well the same thing happens at Christmas.  Jesus has been just about completely ignored.  Instead, a fictitious character named Santa Clause has taken the place of Christ.  Have you noticed  many people choose to wish us “happy holidays” rather than to wish us a “Merry Christmas”.  Why?  Because Merry Christ has the word “Christ” in it and many people don’t want to have anything to do with Christ.

It is not the purpose of this post to say whether or not it’s wrong to celebrate Christmas this way.  This article is written so that you might get an idea of how God might feel about the way we celebrate the birth of His Son, who was God’s gift to us.  As far as exchanging gifts, maybe we should give gifts to others all throughout the year, for no particular reason other than to say we love them and not because we’re expecting a gift from them.  For Christmas and throughout the year, let’s give gifts to Jesus.

You might ask “but how can we give gifts to Jesus?”  Here are some ways we can give gifts to Him.

  • Give Jesus the first part of every day.  Set aside a time in the morning to spend time with Him, praying and seeking His guidance for the day.
  • Give Him the first day of the week.  Come and worship Him together with other believers.
  • Give back to Him the first dime of every dollar.  Show Him that you trust Him with your finances by tithing to your local church.
  • Give God the first place in every decision.  Ask Him to help you make those tough everyday decisions.

Remember, when it comes to Christmas and the way we live our lives, let’s ask ourselves, “How does God feel about that?”

Have a blessed and merry Christmas!

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