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Intriguing Facts About the Amish

Do you have a special interest in the practices of the Amish? Do you want to know more about their unique way of life? Then you will enjoy reading these little known facts! They are sure to help you develop your knowledge and satisfy your curiosity on the culture of the Amish people. Keep an open mind, and embrace their differences!

There are plenty of stereotypes out there concerning the Amish. For example, you may know that the Amish are exempt from paying government taxes. This is not entirely true, however, because the only tax Amish people are not required to pay is the social security tax. The Amish reject all forms of insurance, including social security. They never collect benefits.

Another well known fact is the Amish people’s rejection of many facets of popular society, of which partying, drinking and gambling are just some examples. What people don’t realize, though, is that young Amish adults experience a time called “rumspringa” or “running around.” During this phase, they experiment with normally unacceptable mainstream practices with other people their age. However, once their baptism occurs, “rumspringa” must stop.

Most people known the stereotypical Amish devotion to hard work, but most people do not realize Amish children only finish school through the eighth grade. High school is even less likely for them, and post secondary coursework is completely unheard of. Amish adults believe that extensive education has no place in their way of life, and that it only gets in the way of more important work.

One more little known fact about the Amish is the prevalence of genetic issues in their gene pool. This is because Amish people make up only a small percentage of the entire world’s total genetic information. Amish people are usually unwilling to use preventative medicine, but sometimes aid researchers in the study of particular diseases.

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