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You Will Live Forever

Yes, believe it or not, everyone will live forever. God is eternal and He created humans to last forever with Him. If we only lived for 70 or 80 years, that would only be like a second to an eternal God. So He created us to live with Him forever.

The question is, “Where will you spend eternity?” The answer is, according to scripture, you’ll be present with the Lord if you received Jesus as your Lord and Savior. If not, you’ll be with the rich man in Luke chapter 16, which is truly a horrible place.

Can you imagine being in a place where there’s not only everlasting torment, but what’s even worse is being in a place out of God’s presence where there is absolutely no hope of God saving you.

You might be saying this is just a scare tactic. Yes! The purpose of this post is to scare you if you haven’t already received God’s free gift of salvation and Eternal Life. I want you to enjoy God’s peace and live in paradise with Him.

If you haven’t yet received God’s gift of Eternal Life, click here to see God’s Simple Plan of Salvation.  Who knows, this may be your last chance. None of us is guaranteed tomorrow.

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