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Crisis in Egypt – Bible Prophecy Unfolding

Protest in Egypt

Protest in Egypt

No doubt you have heard about the protests in Egypt which eventually led to the Egyptian President stepping down.  What many people don’t realize is that this is falling right in line with Bible prophecy.

The people in Egypt are protesting for democracy and a better life the same way that the Iranians were protesting back in 1979.  But instead of democracy, they got a form of government that was worse than what they had at first.

In like manor, it doesn’t look like the Egyptian people are going to get a democratic government but instead it seems as though their movement is being hijacked and it looks like they too will end up with a government that is worse than what they had.

Ezekiel prophesied that in the last days, Israel will be attacked from all directions.  Egypt is one of the countries to the south of Israel and currently has a peace treaty with Israel.  Egypt also controls the Suez Canal.  Much of the world’s commerce, including oil, flows through this canal.  However, now that the Egyptian leader has stepped down, I think it’s rather doubtful now that the new government will honor the peace treaty.  If not, that leaves the door wide open for Israel to be attacked from the south.

Israel currently has enemies to the north, among those are Syria and Russia and to the east, Iran, whose leader consistently talks about wiping Israel off the face of the earth.  Any number of countries can attack from the west. The stage is now being set for a league of nations to attack Israel from all directions.  This all sounds hopeless, but if you have received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, your future is bright. Jesus told us when we see these things happening we should keep looking up because our redemption is near.  Learn how to receive God’s pardon and escape His wrath and receive the gift of eternal life.

Biblical scholars have different views on how this will all come about.  Keep in mind that these views are things that Christians can vigorously debate and should not cause us to divide over. This writer believes that God gives us prophecy to tell us what He’s going to do in the future, but He doesn’t always give us the exact details. For instance, prophesies concerning the coming Messiah are clear and exact and could only be fulfilled by one person, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. On the other hand, prophesies concerning the end times are more broad. This writer believes God wants us to know what’s going to happen but doesn’t give us all the details because He doesn’t want us to be complaisant but wants us to stay vigilant and to always be prepared for His second return to this earth.

Below are two videos by Hal Lindsey where he gives his view on Ezekiel’s prophecy on how Israel will be attacked and how God Himself will save them and make Himself known to all the nations of the world.   I think it’s a pretty good explanation and it could very well happen this way. Watch and read along in your Bible and tell us what you think. If we find videos of other biblical scholars who have different views on the end times, we’ll post them for your review.

Ezekiel 38 & 39 Part 1

Ezekiel 38 & 39 Part 2

These videos are taken from The Hal Lindsey Media Ministries.

1 comment to Crisis in Egypt – Bible Prophecy Unfolding

  • Mr Lindsey
    I really enjoyed your presentation on Ezekiel 38. I have been reading this in my Bible. hope to see more presentations upcoming. I would like to hear something on the rebuilding of the third temple, like the garments and how are to be made,the colors that is suppose to use, what they have already have and what they need. This is the things that I am very interested in and of course, all the prophecy about what we as Christians are to expect and what is to come,like eruption of Yellowstone,earthquakes,the Dead Sea. I know a little but I don’t know a lot,so I would like to learn more. thanks

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