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Important Elements of Good Discipleship Model

Every church have different programs for discipleship process. Though everything are based on the Bible, yet the success of the discipleship program still lies in its implementation.

Here are six elements that are most essential in discipleship program implementation. You need to understand them carefully and learn it by heart if you want to have a successful discipleship program implementation.

1. A good understanding of the Matthew 28:19-20. If you have not fully grasp the meaning of the Great Commission, I think it is now time to get your Bible and pen to study it all over again. This will be the foundational principles that you will need for a good discipleship program.

It is necessary for us to have a stronger grasp of a the great commission and why do we need to obey it. As we know, it was our Lord Jesus Christ who is instructing his disciples just right before he went up to heaven. We need to obey Him as our Father.

Having a deeper understanding on these things will help you push through the discipleship program especially that you know the underlying reasons which will give you its significance in our spiritual lives as Christians.

2. Commitment of church leaders. Each discipleship program campaign should start with the leadership of the church. It is very important that church leaders themselves are deeply convinced that discipleship programs are needed to be implemented. And we all know that our Lord Jesus Christ himself modeled it as he discipled the first twelve. Good disciples can definitely start a stronger church.

If disciplers doesn’t have any commitment on disciple making, then church discipleship program, as well as membership expansion will surely suffer.

3.Goals. It is very important in discipleship process to identify specifically the goals of the discipleship process. This can be achieved by simply asking questions like; “What do we want to achieve after a couple of years?”; “What do we want to become after a year?”; “How many members do want to be added next year?”. These questions will give you a clear target on what exactly you want as a church to achieve in a specific period of time.

This motivation is very important. This will be the one that will keep us making one step to another until we see real accomplishments.

4. Monitoring system. Your discipleship programs has to be monitored from time to time. You need to track all your success and failures so that you will be kept motivated all the time. Tracking your successes and failures will help you plan, remodel, and refine your methods which can be a good deal for your church.

Basically it is just reporting what has been achieved of your discipleship program for a specific period of time. It is recommended that you do this bi-monthly or quarterly. This will give you enough time to evaluate, level up, or change your discipleship program implementation when necessary.

5. Strategic and systematic implementation. Your discipleship program has to be systematic and strategic. We don’t want to be wasting our time, money and effort. We want to work on this in the most efficient way possible yet achieving the most. Failure to consider this will result to a lot of wasted time, money and efforts. Worst case is when you start to feel bored in what you are doing in the ministry.

6.Cycle. You might ask, what happens next after we finish the process? Well, discipleship program should be a cycle. Meaning, though the process repeats to number one step, new people will then gather around to produce another set of disciples. This puzzled many Christians because they thought that they need to keep on being fed by others instead of becoming a feeder to others. In short, disciple process does not end but keeps on producing disciplers who can and will disciple others.

The six elements above if taken seriously will help your church grow faster than you can imagine. Of course this is with the help our Lord.

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