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What I Know About My Redeemer , Jesus Christ, And Why It Supports Me In Times of Grief

My grandfather’s decease came unexpectedly. For an eighty-three-year-old, he was just about as spry as one could expect . Just the day before, he had observed Christmas with my grandma; the following night, he bid her a peaceful rest. Thanks for saying yes, he told her ; then he went to sleep. Those were his final words; he died in his sleep in the wee hours of the following morning. Those of us who loved him had to smile despite our loss, for who could have wished Grandpa a simpler passing?

I had never suffered the loss of anyone as special to me as my grandfather. My mind was swamped with memories of his tickling my feet, eating a ritual ice cream sandwich with me after we washed the supper dishes, or grasping me in one of his famous bear hugs”and my heart ached with sorrow. I lamented not being able to give a proper adieu. I wept lots , the day I learned of his death. My one solace was my firm testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I knew I would one day see Grandpa again, and I knew so because of my conviction of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has made it feasible for us to belong to each other despite of death .

My grandpa and I dwelled with Jesus Christ as spirit children of God before we were born into mortal bodies on earth. There, in the premortal realm, God, our Heavenly Father, assembled us and all of His children and expounded to us a plan whereby we might obtain physical bodies and gain experience on earth. Our purpose on earth would be to prove ourselves faithful to our Heavenly Father, even though we would not recall our previous existence with God. Of course, without the perfect memory of our premortal existence, we were certain, in our earth life, to err. Accordingly, we would no longer be worthy of dwelling in our Father’s domain. Additionally, our bodies would become subject to corporal passing . Only by means of an infinite atonement, performed by one in whom there was no sin, one who had power over death, could we have hope of overcoming our inevitable spiritual and physical death. Though to do so would cause Him to suffer beyond imagination, Jesus Christ, in supreme love for His Father and for us, offered Himself to complete that atonement.

God the Father accepted Jesus Christ’s willing offer: Here am I, send me. As the foretold Savior , He came to earth”Immanuel, God with us. In every trial of His will, He bore out true to His Father’s commandments. Then he struggled in Gethsemane’s garden for our sins and hung on Calvary’s Cross, proffering his life to rescue ours. Three days later he did what none had done before: he took his body up again , and left empty the sepulcher.

His atoning sacrifice and resurrection give me peace. I bear intimate assurance that His atonement can save me. No doubt discredits my complete confidence that His selfless sacrifice for me and for all men was real. Because He abolished the bonds of death and Hell, someday, I will be resurrected, just as He was. Young and old, bond and free, male and female, and of course, Grandpa too, will all burst forth in the brilliant morning of the resurrection. I will lock eyes with my grandpa and hug him again, and I will see Jesus Christ and worship Him as my Savior and Redeemer, my eternal Lord and King.

Learn a lot from Jesus Christ and feel the love of Jesus

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