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A Bible Timeline And Preaching The Word Of God

A very active retired pastor of 40 years gave me quite a caning with this Scripture 1 Tim 1.4 “nor to be taken up with with myths and never ending genealogies.. “. After I had been preaching about the death burial and resurrection of Jesus had simply made some interesting observations.

He listened, as I asked them if I had said anything that was of heresy, and he said. “No”. He just would not accept it when I suggested that this Scripture was referring to the false teachings of Gnosticism and was in no way speaking of honest enquiry into Scripture.

Gnosticism had been so influential in the new Testament times, and the new Testament writings, how could a pastor of 40 years experience not know this. It is important for pastors to know these things, and to teach their congregation in order that they might understand and interpret their Bible well.

Tragically, a large proportion of pastors preach light weight messages, are so very shallow so that the congregation hardly grow in the Bible and interpretation skills. Pastors love to preach ‘moral essays’ and ‘warming affirmations’ because, if we truly ‘love’, others, this is what we will do.

It seems that the most important thing is, that we are very positive and ‘nice’ to everybody. It’s just too bad, if God’s people are falling through the cracks ‘for a lack of knowledge’ (oracle).

The reality is, the more ‘relevant’ Christians become, to the world, the less relevant we all are in actuality, to the world. 🙁

There is far more to the Kingdom than ‘feel good’ messages and favorite topics. Teachers preach on a text from Song of Solomon as well as a piece about a man of courage from 2 Samuel; topical sermon from Luke followed by the a firm belief in God of Jeremiah or the integrity of Lot.

We preach a portion from here and another from there, but we need to put it all together in a clear understandable format.

These days a flood of new ideas and publications come under various names that have a liberal bent. If we were to be taught the basics of Church history, we then would not be so doomed to repeat it.

Let’s equip the Church in understanding God, His Great Plan and the Bible by sewing each piece together into a seamless beautiful tapestry.

It’s not a difficult thing to accomplish, we just need to put in some study and prayer.

John 17:17 Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth. (NIV)

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