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What I Know About My Redeemer , Jesus Christ, And Why It Supports Me In Times of Grief

My grandfather’s decease came unexpectedly. For an eighty-three-year-old, he was just about as spry as one could expect . Just the day before, he had observed Christmas with my grandma; the following night, he bid her a peaceful rest. Thanks for saying yes, he told her ; then he went to sleep. Those were his final words; he died in his sleep in the wee hours of the following morning. Those of us who loved him had to smile despite our loss, for who could have wished Grandpa a simpler passing? […]

A Bible Timeline And Preaching The Word Of God

A very active retired pastor of 40 years gave me quite a caning with this Scripture 1 Tim 1.4 “nor to be taken up with with myths and never ending genealogies.. “. After I had been preaching about the death burial and resurrection of Jesus had simply made some interesting observations. […]