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Christian Persecution – Persecuting Christians as Old as Time

When Christianity is introduced to us by the prophets and the disciples and has gain popularity to all that they have heard the word of God. Words of God have stick to the minds of the people and they have also witness all the miracles Jesus has done to all the crippled, lame and blind individuals.

Jews are persecuted during the Roman Empire because they refused to worship the ideology of the Roman Caesar. The Jews only believe in one God and oppose any new religion that is introduced to them. Christians are considered as a strange group because they met and do their worship in secret places like catacombs, sewers, dark alleys. All is done for the safety of its members because they have done things that they don’t want other people to know.

Christian behavior before is very different from the Christians of today.
So many acts of violence are done against Christians because of their faith in Jesus Christ. There are so many criticism, negative attitudes, torture, and even death are associated with the believers of Christ. This practice has gone long before you and I can remember.

Christians in the early times and the modern world have suffered the same conviction as before. In the old times, the Jews and the Roman Empire are considered enemies of the Christians and now in the modern world, Christians have so much to fear without even knowing who and what their enemies are.

Today Christians have been persecuted by radical people like Muslims, Hindu and from communist countries like USSR and North Korea. More than 100 million Christians face persecution, particularly in the Middle East, North Korea, USSR, Hindu extremism and other Islamic

The death of Jews has amounted to 2,000 every year until it was stop by new ruler of the Roman Empire. This widespread of brutal persecution has kept the religion a secret for so many years. Even the Apostles have face persecution one way or another like imprisonment, beheading, death by sword and spears and crucifixions of the cross. But Christians did not ever deny their faith in Jesus Christ and this incidence has made the religion stronger than ever before.

Christian Persecution started with Jesus himself. He has preached the gospel of his Father openly even though the Romans opposed to it. He was not afraid for whatever consequences that will full on his way.

Christ has shown his followers that
even being persecuted should not stop their faith from blossoming.
Jesus Christ is the first martyr that has died for the salvation of man kind. All of Jesus disciples also died through persecution by imprisonment, beheading, crucifixion, torture and beating. They have died because of their faith and trying to defend the Christian world that they have so loved.

The church has grown tremendously in number after several years. Christian persecution did not decrease the growth of individuals who still go to church. The faith has increase day by day and Christianity has flourished since the Roman Empire.

Christian persecution has started during the reign of Nero as the new emperor of Rome. Nero wanted some scapegoat about the fire he had started in order to build his palace and he make the Christians pay for the sins that Nero has started. Nero first arrested all the self proclaim Christians and show to the people how they are tortured, and condemn to death. Christ is also persecuted because he is the son of God and the Romans did not believe in the power and miracles of the Lord.

This has go on and on until this modern days.

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