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A Praying Power Journal

Most Christians realize the power of prayer, although many Christians state they should pray more. Praying power is an amazing power and just getting into the habit of regular prayer is a power unto itself. By keeping a prayer journal, you may be encouraged to pray more and to pray often for certain people or for certain goals.

Praying Power

Thanking God for his blessings is a great way to exercise your praying power. While many of us save prayer for asking for things, mature Christians set aside prayer time to simply communicate with God and to thank Him for all that He has done for them. When we set aside time to simply communicate with God and not ask for anything in particular, it is a powerful improvement in our relationship with Him.

Some people believe that God and His Son communicate with us through His Word, the Bible, and that we communicate with the Father and Son through prayer. Others reserve prayer for petition, praying for health or wealth or whatever the need is at any given time. However, when you keep a prayer journal, you are reminded to expand your prayer life to include others besides yourself and you are reminded that prayer isn’t just about asking for things.

God wants us to spend time with him in prayer. Even Jesus prayed to God when he could have just spoken to him. Perhaps it was for our example that Jesus got away by himself to pray to the Father but if that is true, it is an example worth putting to good use.

Many times we may forget our previous prayers, therefore having a prayer journal is an excellent way to keep track of them and their progress. It really amazing to look back and see how our prayers were answered. Some people are even surprised months later to look at the things they prayed for. This frequently happens because as our prayer life improves, so does our maturity in the faith. Still, it is a great exercise to use to grow in our relationship with the Father and the Son.

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