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Fact Or Fiction The Rapture Of The Church

For a number of reasons, not the least of which is the Middle East crisis, there has recently been an upswing in interest in the matter of the Rapture of the Church.

Since 1948 when Israel regained its status as a Nation, the world has been anticipating events in the region to see if as many anticipated, we would see prophetic fulfillment unfolding or not, the latter situation resulting in loss of confidence in the validity if the Holy scriptures.

What is involved in the Rapture of the Church?

It is a major event predicted to take place at the second coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. This ‘rapture’ is a physical event in which those people that are today (or were before they died if they have already passed) believers in Jesus Christ (Yashuah Ha Maschiach – the Hebrew name of Christ)

will actually be transported up into the sky to meet with the Lord just before His return to the earth where He will set up His Millennial Kingdom over which He is going to rule and reign for 1000 years.

Why so much discord over the rapture question? The concept of the rapture is one that is readily embraced by the majority if believers. After all, the Bible specifically describes it. The disagreement comes over the timing of the event1

The Great Tribulation

So this is where the disconnect comes. The Bible describes in the book of Revelation this terrible time called “The Great tribulation” when God pours out His wrath upon the earth to punish the impurity of those that just refuse to hear His voice.

It is taught in some churches that two thirds of the worlds population will be eliminated during this time and the rapture is supposed to save all of the Christians so that they are not subject to the trials. The belief is that Jesus the Messiah removes them all out of harms way before the trouble starts. People subscribing to this theory are referred to a pre trib thinkers.

Then there are those that teach that all Christians will be present for half of the 7 years of the Great tribulation. Their position is that a period of great turmoil will start. That for 3 and half years there will be severe calamities, strife, unprecedented problems culminating in the emergence of a pseudo savior, the anti-messiah (Anti-Christ) who will deceive the world into believing that He is their savior, uniting the world under one banner and bringing peace to all. These mid-trib thinkers believe that it is just before this point when all of the Christians are effectively lifted out to safety as all “hell breaks loose” on the earth for the final 3 and half year episode of the Tribulation.

Finally, there is the least popular of the three propositions, the post trib stance. Adherents to this theory teach that the Christians have to wait until the end of the 7 years for the rapture. So, they get to suffer through the whole thing with everyone else. The supporters of each of these positions can make very convincing arguments for their cases and they all appear to have substance. Even to the degree that they can find scriptures which appear to confirm their belief that they are in fact right. It is a most interesting debate.

But what DOES God say about the rapture of the church?

I submit to you that this after all is the only definitive opinion you should be concerned about. The Lord exhorts us to “study to shew yourself approved” (2Tim 2:15)

There is a common trap to be avoided, that of being complacent, don’t rely on what other people interpret for you. The Lord Himself recently gave me a wonderful teaching regarding the perils of being complacent which you may well find enlightening.

What should you know about the church’s rapture?

My personal conviction is that there exists a deliberate vagueness as the issue is simply an “invitation” to consider a deeper issue of greater importance. The role an individual may or may not play in the coming Kingdom.

This author prays that from reading these words about the rapture , you will find yourself propelled into the exhilarating discovery of the hidden truths in God’s word concerning the soon to be established Kingdom (closer than most can perceive)

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