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The 10 Commandments – An Instrument For Atonement?

During a man’s lifetime, he’s called upon to follow the 10 Commandments in order to avoid being the slave of sin. However, would it be enough to say that by following these Commandments, is this man saved and can he enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

First of all, the Commandments are simply ten solid commands that are unified under one entire strict law of God. Meaning, to break even just one of these commandments is to already have violated the entire law of God.

This is made clear in James, Chapter two, verses ten and eleven, wherein it clearly states that any person who keeps the whole law and then breaks one of these points, this person shall be found guilty of all. Seeing this in this light, the question that remains is, why did God even give people these Commandments in the first place?

The Commandments were revealed to the people because they were unable to recognize their own sins for what they were. God simply wanted to point out that people are already condemned sinners, and that no works of any kind can save mankind as they are already sinners even from the time of Adam.

Therefore, it is a fact that adhering to these 10 Commandments does not and never will save a person from being condemned. These were provided to mankind in order to reveal to him those acts which were sinful and which he most likely had already committed, making him unworthy for the Kingdom of Heaven.

The 10 Commandments are to be followed through life as a way of avoiding even further sin, yet these are not the only steps that a man should take to ensure his entry into the Kingdom of God. He can only save himself from his already condemned status by total acceptance of God’s Only Son, Jesus Christ, into his life as his Savior.

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