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Should Christians Vote?

Some believe that politics is a dirty business and those who believe in Christ Jesus should not vote and stay out of it.  Others believe that Christians should get registered to vote and be involved.  Which is the best way to go?  The question is, “If Christians stay out of politics, who will run the government?”  The answer is obvious, non Christians would be in complete control of the government.  This writer believes that if God has blessed Christians by letting them be citizens in a country that allows them to participate in government by voting, then it’s the Christian’s duty to vote.

But there seems to be a big problem with many Christian voters.  They are either not well informed or they have laid aside their Christian values at the voting booth.  I have personally witnessed people who call themselves Christian, proudly admit that they were going to vote for someone who is diametrically opposed to Christian principles.  How can voting for such a person preserve society.  This kind of reckless voting will only add to society’s quick decay.  Christians are to be the salt and light of the world, in the world but not of the world.

Christians must get informed.  With the age of the Internet, there is no excuse for not fully examining the record of those running for office.  Many of these politician’s world view and ideology was fully exposed in alternative media sources before the elections.  Don’t expect to get the truth from the so called “main stream” media.  Do your own investigations.  Those who have Internet access can share information with those who don’t.  Find out the truth about these people.  Christians cannot afford to vote for people because of the color of their skin or because they are charismatic, well spoken, and nice looking.  Christians must vote for individuals based on their character, world view and ideology.  If they don’t line up with the Christian ideology and world view, that candidate should be rejected.

Sometimes there is not a good selection of candidates.  In this case we have to pick the lessor of the two evils.  But we must approach each election by being well informed and asking God for guidance.  We must not believe that getting involved with politics is going to help bring in God’s kingdom.  Only preaching the gospel can change the hearts of the masses.  But Christians can help to preserve the culture until Christ Jesus returns.

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