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Is the Bible Really the Word of God?

One of the things I hear most about the Bible is that it is a book that is written by men, not by God.  This is one of the reasons this writer uses the word “Scriptures” instead of “Bible” in most of my writings.  The word “Bible” simply means “book” and that seems to take away the divinely inspired nature of the scriptures.  Another reason I like the word “Scriptures” is because that’s the word Christ Jesus used.  But the word “Bible” is widely accepted among Christians, and that’s okay.  So I will use that term in this post.

So is the Bible written by God or by men?  The answer is “Yes”!  The Bible is written by the hands of men who where inspired by God.  Men are the writers and God is the author.

To me this is one of the most fascinating aspects of the Bible.  There were some forty different human writers, some living in different parts of the world, different cultures and in different time periods and yet these writers are in perfect harmony.  That’s because there is only one author, God himself.  God used these different writers and allowed them to put their individual personalities and writing styles into their writings.

When we come to seeming contradictions in the Bible, it’s because we need to dig deeper into those passages to find out that there is no contradiction at all.  Good examples are the four gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  These writers tell the story of Christ Jesus, but they tell the story from their own perspectives.  For example, if we interviewed 4 people who witnessed a certain tornado, we would get 4 stories about that tornado, but with different details.  All 4 stories would be true but they would be different because each person would be telling the story from their vantage point; from their perspective.

Another amazing thing about the Bible is that it is filled with prophecies, most of which have already been fulfilled.  The many prophecies concerning the Messiah, Christ Jesus, are simply amazing.  For instance, Christ Jesus could not have possibly tried to fulfill prophecies concerning his birthplace and the method of his crucifixion, such as his hands and feet being nailed, his upper torso being pierced.

On top of all of that, the Bible is historically accurate.  Archaeological evidence is constantly verifying the accuracy of the Bible.  The more they dig, the more verification they find.

What other religious writing can even come close to the track record of the Bible?

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