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We Have a Great Defense Attorney in Heaven

I’m sure some of us are old enough to remember the TV series “Perry Mason”.  Our younger readers probably remember “Matlock”.  Remember how these TV attorneys took such special interest in their cases.  They were truly devoted to their clients and they never hardly lost a case.  These TV lawyers operated under a “blind justice” system of law.  It’s a good system but not perfect.  Sometimes the innocent get punished and the guilty go free.

This makes me think of God’s justice system.  His system is perfect.  He is the perfect judge.  Those who admit they are sinners and ask God for forgiveness through the crucifixion death and resurrection of His Son Christ Jesus, are declared innocent.  And when Satan accuses us before the thrown of God, we have a Great High Priest who is at the right hand of God who declares that we are innocent because our sins have been washed away by His blood (Hebrews 14:4, 9:11).  This Great High Priest is none other than Christ Jesus himself.  He is the perfect intercessor because he took on our human nature and can relate to all the emotions, temptations and trials that we endure.

Many of us can’t relate to the term “high priest”.   A high priest is a mediator between God and man.  He is like a defense attorney who pleads our case to God when ever we are accused by the evil one.  Since Christ Jesus is 100% God and 100% man, he is the perfect one to represent us before God.  He has experienced all of the temptations we experience in everyday life. This is so comforting in my daily walk with the Lord when I feel like “am I really saved?” or when Satan brings up past sins.  I know that Christ Jesus is there to defend me.  What a great assurance of salvation.  Those who have not yet received God’s free gift of eternal life, does not have this Great High Priest to represent them.  Why not receive Christ Jesus now as your Lord and Savior, while you still have a chance.

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