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Vote With Your TV?

Cable Converter

Cable Converter

Have you ever wondered why there is so much garbage on TV shows these days?  Early in our Christian walk most of us learned how to combat Hollywood’s production of anti-family movies.  We do this by not going to see those movies because purchasing a ticket at the box office is the same as a vote for that movie.  Hollywood interprets these ticket purchases as an approval of the movie and a vote for them to produce more of the same.

But what most Christians don’t realize is that the same thing happens when we watch cable TV shows.  Modern cable converter boxes are two-way communication devices.  You receive programs from the networks and you send information back to the networks.  The information that you send back to the networks is basically the name of the program you’re watching and the time of day you are watching it.

If you keep watching TV shows that continually promote anti-Christian values, you are casting your vote in favor of those programs because the networks know you are watching.  If you watch TV news programs that you know are not reporting all of the facts, you are voting to keep them in business.

Can you imagine what would happen if Christians all over the world are watching a movie on cable TV when a scene in that movie becomes nothing more than pornography, and all of those Christians suddenly switched to another channel?  Can you imagine the reaction of the network managers when they see the number of viewers of the movie suddenly drop to almost nothing at the moment of that pornographic scene?  That would really send a message that they lose tons of viewers when those kind of scenes are shown.

So remember, your remote and your TV are your voting machines.  Maybe we Christians should be careful what we watch.  What do you think?

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