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Christ Jesus and the Strange Door

The picture on the right shows an artist’s rendition of a man, representing Christ Jesus, knocking on a door.  After studying the Bible for any length of time, you know that this picture accurately reflects the personality of Christ Jesus. This is one of my favorite pictures because I think it shows what kind of person Christ Jesus really is. Do you notice anything strange about this door?  The door doesn’t have a door knob and therefore has to be opened from the inside.  This door represents our hearts.

Now the all powerfully King and creator of the universe would have no problem getting through that door.  But instead of forcing his way through, he knocks and waits to be invited in.  I believe this is a good picture of the Son of God.  Now let me tell you how he got me to open the door of my heart.

I was raised in a Christian home.  My mom and dad were Christians and were not well-to-do but they managed to sacrifice to give us a Christian education.  This gave me a good foundation on knowing who Christ Jesus is.  So, by knowing who Christ Jesus is, I always thought that made me a Christian.  But then I later found out that all I had was head knowledge of who Christ Jesus is.  The problem was that I did not have a relationship with him.  You’ve probably heard the saying “God has no grandchildren”, meaning God only has sons and daughters and that you don’t get salvation because your folks are Christian.  God has to save you before you can become his child.

As I was growing up, there was one thing that I never could understand.  Why did Christ Jesus have to die in order for sins to be forgiven?  How come he just couldn’t tell those who want to be saved something like “Okay, your sins are forgiven”?  I later learned that he is not only a loving merciful God, but he’s also a just God and he must punish sin.  And because he loves us he sent his one and only sinless Son into the world to receive the punishment for our sins.  So in order to be forgiven, we have to believe that Christ Jesus paid for our sins by suffering a horrible death and that he conquered death by rising from the dead so that all who believe, will rise also to enjoy eternal life with him.  That’s where faith comes in.

But for most of my life, I really didn’t believe all of that or maybe I didn’t want to believe it because I was too busy doing my own thing.  I only thought about me.  My selfish ways caused pain in people’s lives.  But at the time I didn’t care as long as I got my way.  As I think back, I was really a horrible person.  I was not a good father, brother or husband.  But all the while, Christ Jesus was reaching out to me through the preaching of his word, knocking at the door of my heart asking to be invited in.  I refused to open that door for a long time but he didn’t give up on me.  I kept hearing him knocking through the preachers I heard the few times that I went to church and by preachers on TV.

Finally one night in 1980, while watching a TV preacher, Christ Jesus was knocking again.  I recollected hearing over the years many things that people were saying about Christ Jesus that I knew were not true.  You see, I had a pretty good Christian foundation but I was still refusing to believe.  I then had a vision or a dream, I’m not sure which, of a person dressed in white robes with a white hood.  I couldn’t see his face.  It was as if he was standing in court facing all of those lies.  For some reason my heart went out him.  Maybe this was just an image going through my mind, but what ever it was, it made me want to open the door to my heart and let Jesus in.  I asked for forgiveness and to be washed in his precious blood.  I now have a relationship with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and the peace and joy that passes all understanding.  I know I have a great High Priest, who is pleading my case constantly before the thrown of God.  To show my gratefulness I have been trying to live my life speaking the truth about him and doing the things that please him, not to be save but because I am saved.  I refuse to live a life of habitual sin.  Yes, I still fight with my sin nature, but when I do sin, and I confess that sin, he is faithful and just to forgive my sin and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.

Check out the video “The Gift – A Tiny Christmas Tale” on our Favorite Video page.  It shows another aspect on how God knocks at our doors.

If you have an experience with Christ Jesus knocking at the door of your heart, please share it with us.

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